Eco friendly design and sustainability 

Here's a short list of some of the extensive design measures that were implemented to create one of Jamaica's few privately-owned and eco-friendly villas. 

Kolibri is styled with United States electrical fittings, modified to yield total villa amp usage of 160. This was achieved by reducing the energy demand of the pool pumping system by 80% compared to a standard system using an inverter motor.

The villa is outfitted with auto-sensing lighting switches, saving energy as lights turn on and off  via motion detection.  

The pool's lighting system is remote controlled using iPad and in-house WIFI. 

The pool itself is filled with salt water and chlorine-free. It uses passive solar energy to heat to ideal temperatures during the cooler months.  

The majority of the villa lights are LED or compact fluorescent, with Dark Sky Compliant exterior lighting. 

The Villa utilizes harvested rainwater in two tanks for grounds irrigation as well as potable water. 

Water is heated using both passive solar and Insta-hot systems. 

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Kolibri Villa is just 15 minutes from Sangster Airport in Montego Bay Jamaica in the North Coast resort area. 


1-876-631-7183 (Jamaica) or

304-826-0070 (United States)